Mood Board: Office

I’m feeling pretty “blah” about my office lately. It’s boring and something has gotta give. So I put together a little mood board with some ideas for the space. Whether or not I make any/all of these changes… well that depends on some purse strings.

(psst, thanks Christi @ Grey Umbrella for the collage tutorial!)

1. I’d love to have a daybed in my office.

I’d use it mostly as a sofa, but it’d be great to have another bed for when we have more than 2 guests (currently we have to use some air mattresses and sofas if we exceed our 1 guest bedroom capacity).  But, daybeds are pricey, and my budget does not like that.

I’m sure most of y’all read Young House Love– but did you click through to the blog Knock Off Wood? OH my goodness. I’m blown away. That site makes me want to head straight to Lowe’s or Home Depot and spend my paycheck on power tools and wood so I can build a houseful of furniture. So more realistically, I’d like to build a daybed. If I built a daybed, I think I’d paint it either white or a light-sky blue.  Then add some yellow pillows. Sigh…

2. Oh! How I would love a secretary. I would fill it with all of my craft items so I can clear out that office closet. I’m just waiting for Ana @ Knock Off Wood to add a set of plans for a secretary.

3. This represents the folding table that I currently have in my office. In the past this table has been my sewing table, but I’m going to try a new arrangement where I sew on my desk and use this table for all fabric cutting. I’ll probably also put a TV on this table.

4. This is my desk (mine is a darker stain). It’s parked in front of the windows in my office and has my keyboard & mouse for when I bring my laptop up here and as a mentioned above, now houses my sewing machine.

5. But what I’d love to try out to make the folding table not so blah is to skirt it in this super cute fabric (created by Jessica at How About Orange). Something like this:

Image via Urban Grace Interiors

I think just adding a daybed would make a major impact. Then I can use this room as more of a lounging/reading/internet-ing spot that is NOT our family room sofa.

So what do you think? Are you pro-daybed? Or can you make a case for a futon? What about a rug? Is that weird if the room is already carpeted? Do share!


6 thoughts on “Mood Board: Office

  1. i love our daybed in my office … it’s the hemnes from ikea. my hubby comes home after work and plops down on it and i join him. it’s our evening ritual to catch there for about 30 minutes before dinner. a debriefing time. plus it pulls out to a king bed for visitors {we have the $99 sultran mattresses, stacked}. LOVE this bed. keep the bedding simple if you plan to use that blue fabric on the table. if you want some ideas of bedding i’d use let me know.

    for the secretary, have you checked your local thrift stores?
    if not, what about the liatorp buffet with hutch from ikea? use some kassett boxes in white to keep it organized. fabric would look amazing on the shelves. if you want to add color, paint the beadboard back yellow.

    for your desk, if you aren’t hooked to the dark wood, spray paint and poly it — i’d use heirloom white because it matches the ikea white {the daybed and buffet/hutch}.

    definitely skirt your folding table. it will give you more storage and look cleaner. you mention yellow … that room will be very bright with that bright royal and yellow accents. i think i’d do a mellower color skirt fabric and maybe do a throw pillow in that fabric.

    can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    oh — and save your money for now on a rug if it’s carpeted. those suckers aren’t cheap!!

  2. Ellen – awesome!

    Christi- Thanks for the feedback! I haven’t looked at Ikea so I’ll definitely have to do that tonight (the closest one is over an hour away). I have looked at thrift and antique stores for secretaries without much luck. I hadn’t thought about a buffet/dresser- I’ll have to look into that. We have a makeshift buffet in our family room made from Target’s itso line. That could also be a possibility.

    As for the daybed, I would most likely go with plain white bedding so that I could bleach it if needed in the case of spills. Do you keep a comforter on your daybed? I was thinking just a fitted sheet and then adding a top sheet and comforter only when needed.

    I definitely have some more research, space planning and budgeting to do!

  3. Once we have our “real” house, I totally want a daybed in my office. It seems like such a smart choice. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to make mine though.

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