Weekend Recap

I had a great weekend home alone. Friday I relaxed with a bottle of wine (A by Acacia’s Pinot Noir. Totally delicious. Pick it up if you get a chance) and pizza, a movie, and popcorn. I wanted to stay up to watch the last Conan, but the whole bottle of wine prevented that.

I woke up early Saturday thanks to the cats, but got all the animals fed then was back in bed for more sleep. I finally got up and then hit the town for some errands at Goodwill, Home Depot, and the Dollar Store. I found a lamp at Goodwill that I’m thinking about for my office. I might go by on my way home and if it’s still there I’ll purchase it. I got some supplies at Home Depot for my day of getting things done.

There’s a whole story to my “getting things done” morning in the house, but that’s gonna need to be a whole other post. I feel it’s best described as a comedy of errors, except nobody else was home to experience the comedy with me.

I also made some progress in my office on Saturday- stay tuned for updates on that later this week.

Saturday night was low key with some tv/movie watching (including Lifetime’s world premiere of Pregnancy Pact. I swear nothing else was on tv!)

Sunday I got my other weekend-tasks done (grocery store, meal planning, laundry) and then got some chili on the stove for football.

Here’s my meal plan for the week:

  1. Chicken Chili
  2. Christi‘s Balsamic Salmon
  3. Christi‘s Baked Chicken
  4. Thai Chicken Wrap (via Rachel Ray)
  5. Hoisin Chicken & Rice (found on Tasty Kitchen)

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. I watched the last Conan, and kind of teared up because he was so classy and got emotional too. The last bit was odd though. If you are Conan fan you might want to watch it online. Jimmy did a nice thing at the start of his show right after.

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