Caulking For Dummies

Alternative title: What Not To Do When Caulking

So Friday night I scraped out the old silicone caulk from the shower. I forgot what a huge pain in the butt that was. Saturday morning I headed to Home Depot for caulk and a caulk gun. Simple enough, right?

Let’s just go ahead and point out the fact that this was my first time caulking with a caulk gun. And I was home alone.

Have you ever used one of those huge tubes of caulk and a caulk gun? Well, I managed to (safely) cut open the tube and load it up in the gun.

I must admit, I felt pretty much like a badass home improvement guru at this point.

And this is where it goes downhill. You see, I didn’t read the instructions on the tube of caulk. I HIGHLY recommend that you all read your caulk tube before you attempt to apply it.

So I hop in the shower and start caulkin’ away. Tip #1, use your dominate hand for squeezing the trigger on the gun. Tip #2, use your non-dominate hand to wipe excess caulk.

Obviously I didn’t do either of these things.

So I’m wiping the gobs and gobs of caulk that have spit forth from the tube and I something just did not seem right. That’s when I realized that I was supposed to screw the cap back on and snip the tip of that before caulking.

So I get the cap back on and in the process, get silicone all over both of my hands and all over the gun. This is where tips 1 and 2 really come in handy.

So I finally finish the job and for some reason decide that now was a good time to read the label. Turns out I should NOT have been getting the silicone all over my hands. So I try to rinse them off, but don’t have much luck. I got my wedding rings off, just in case, and started washing my hands, furiously.

I may or may not have scrubbed my hands with a kitchen sponge.

Eventually, my hands felt silicone-free but when I dried them, they were still sticky & tacky.

This is when I realized I should not have done this when home alone for the weekend. I thought I could call my sister for help if the situation didn’t improve, but my hands were sticky and I wouldnt want to mess up my iPhone! And I don’t know if I could drive anywhere, because what if my hands stick to the steering wheel!

I googled for some help and saw a tip about using plastic bags (no help) but also had a recommendation of using nail polish remover.

So I used a few cotton balls full with little success. So I poured some out into my hands to really rub it in. This helped a lot, but now my hands reeked of nail polish remover. I washed them AGAIN with soap and unfortunately some spots were still sticky. After a few hours though, they were back to normal, thankfully.

Has Dr. Google ever saved you? Have you ever poured nail polish removed all over your hands and had to endure the horrible smell that lingers on them for a few hours?


2 thoughts on “Caulking For Dummies

  1. I’m sorry to laugh at your troubles, but it was a funny picture to imagine you running around with everything sticking to your hands. Glad you got it all sorted out.

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