Random Post Thursday

Another Random Post Day brought to you by my laziness to download pictures from my camera.

We have a forecast for snow this weekend, currently at 4-8inches. Naturally this is occurring on a weekend where we had some pretty big plans, like getting the kitten fixed. Since I’m a total wuss and don’t want to drive in the snow or pay for the kitten to be at the vet all weekend, I’ve rescheduled her de-lady-business-ing for Monday.

On the nerd alert front, the iPad was introduced by Apple yesterday. Isn’t that just the worst product name ever? The first thing I thought was that it sounded like a feminine product. Yuck. It doesn’t seem too interesting to me, but according to the husband, the video that Apple put on their website shows off how cool it is.

Also on the nerd front, we just bough a network storage device. We’ll be able to back up our data and back up the back up. This also means plenty of space for the growing number of pictures that I’m taking.

That’s a good thing about the coming snow- I’m hoping to get some good photos of it.

I’ve been working on/thinking about my office update a lot. I moved some furniture last weekend and I think I’ve decided on building a Pottery Barn-ish bookcase with plans from Ana at Knock Off Wood. If this goes well, I’ll likely forge ahead with a daybed. I should have an updated mood board soon.

We’re potentially doing our master bedroom towards the end of this year, so I’ve started looking for inspiration and thinking about the layout in that room, too.

I’ve been doing the Couch to 5k running plan for awhile now (took some time off around the holidays) but just completed week 5, which included a 20 minute run with no walk breaks. I’m excited about working my way up to doing a 5k and doing a race sometime this spring maybe. Then in May my sister and I are (likely) going to do the Muddy Buddy race. It’s a 10k run-bike event with obstacles and a big mud pit that you army crawl through at the end. We did it a few years ago and I was able to complete it even though I didn’t train. So hopefully this time will be better.

Do y’all have anything exciting going on lately?


3 thoughts on “Random Post Thursday

  1. I thought the same thing about the iPad…clearly there are no women on that team.

    Good luck with your running! I can’t run 20 feet let alone 20 minutes, so I’m impressed.

  2. Ashley- Thanks! The great thing about the Couch to 5k program is the first few weeks you’re walking more than running. Definitely helps you ease into it!

    Leigh- We’ll see if I can *actually* do the woodworking! This will be my first attempt, but the plans look pretty basic so I’m optimistic!

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