Friday Edition

I’ve got paint colors on the brain for my office update. Right now I’m thinking of a cool blueish-gray. I’ve found a few swatches from Ralph Lauren that I’m thinking about…

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

I’m also thinking that I’ll build one of the Pottery Barn bookcase from Knock Off Wood to replace a too small bookcase that I’ve got in the room now. It’s too small for the wall and it’s horribly painted black. I’m thinking of building the bookcase out of hardwood and staining it to go with the desk and balance that out. It’s pretty big at just over 4ft wide, so it should fit in the space on that wall quite nicely. If the cost of hardwood is too high, I’ll probably paint it a light blue color.

I’ve also decided to NOT use a color/print for my folding table skirt. I’m going to keep that neutral since it’s a 6ft table, a bold print might been too much. If I build a daybed, I’ll make some colorful pillows for pops of color. I also plan on bringing in color through artwork. I think that’ll suit me better for when my color preference inevitably changes.

This weekend I’m not setting any goals for myself. I’m hoping to get to try some snow photography and I’ve got a photography book on exposure from the library. It’s just too bad that I don’t have a daybed to lounge on and watch the snow fall from my office! And who knows, by having no plans I might end up being crazy productive!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!


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