Monday? Tuesday?

What day is it? I worked from home yesterday due to the road conditions so I’m a little confused. I also almost died on some black ice this morning (slight exaggeration) on my way to work. Oh and guess what, more wintry precipitation today! I think I’ll have to leave a bit early to miss rush hour and the maniac drivers on the interstate.


Also today, Savannah comes home from the vet! She had her “big girl” surgery yesterday and now I have to keep a 4 month old kitten calm for 10 days. Not so sure how well that one’s going to go.

Also tonight,
LOST Season 6 Promo Poster

Can. Not. Wait.

Matt ventured out into the world of snow-covered roads on Sunday, leaving me with not a whole lot to do after finishing up a book (that I started on Saturday. I love snow weekends).

So to fill my afternoon, I started watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Now I’m trying to find things for Matt to do so I can keep watching Friday Night Lights. He thinks it’s stupid. But he said the same thing about House and now he wants to watch that with me. Maybe by Season 2 he’ll be hooked… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Monday? Tuesday?

  1. Ryan and I have been watching FNL since we started dating. Sometimes I cry at the episodes. Jason Street is my favorite.

    And some snow day I had, I was on email all day! 2 conferences in 2 weeks with another one around the corner, makes this gal busy!

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