Wednesday Ramblings

So, it’s snowing again. Surprise! I actually might be one of the few people left in the state of Virginia who doesn’t mind the snow. It means I’m working from home today and get to have the news on all morning, a kitten in my lap, and drink decent coffee (and resist the urge to go to Starbucks).

I have some pictures to share and maybe later today I’ll download them from my camera. But since it’s been awhile here’s a recap the of the past few days:

  • Friday Night Lights seasons 2 and 3
  • Cake balls
  • Buffalo chicken dip
  • chili
  • bacon-jalapeno biscuits
  • Super Bowl
  • Dog t-shirt making – you heard that right, i made a Colts jersey for Zeus for the game. Obviously it wasnt good luck

I’m hoping to build a bookcase over the weekend and finish up stage 1 of my office update soon. I’m definitely having a “blah” week and I’m hoping that this snow will clear out quickly so I stop having excuses to sit around watching Friday Night Lights all day.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Ramblings

  1. Glad you’re able to be home where it’s warm- hope things melt soon. You’ll have to post pictures of the bacon-jalapeno biscuits; that combination sounds amazing. I love jalapenos and put them on everything…never thought of adding bacon into the mix!

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