Another Post! With Pictures!

I know you’re totally amazed at my ability to have a post with pictures. These are from my iPhone since I got craptastic ones from my dslr (damn winter with its low light. I really need to start using a tripod or something).
Before the game (that we lost) on Sunday, I made Zeus his very own Colt’s jersey. Thanks to Matt for donating one of his t-shirts to the cause.

Making scones has been my thing for the past 2 snowy weekends. This time I used fresh blueberries (which were HUGE btw) and this recipe from Good Things Catered. They turned out AWESOME and tasted delicious. I think this will be my blueberry scone recipe for now on.

Speaking of breakfast foods, did you SEE the Pioneer Woman’s post about doughnuts? I think I’m going to have to attempt those this weekend.

In pet news, Alton has decided to start napping in the cave/cubby portion of the kitty condo. Probably because he barely fits into the top nest section nowadays.

In other news, I got almost all of the building done for Knock Off Wood’s bookcase. My plan is to wood fill the screw holes and sand tonight, then sand the wood-filled parts quickly tomorrow, stain on Saturday and polyurethane on Sunday. That’s basically a run-on sentence to tell you that you should get to see it on Monday or Tuesday.

In other other news, we’re going out to dinner Friday night for Valentine’s Day. I’m excited because this place has super delicious food.

Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day?


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