Office Update: Part 1

A few weeks ago, I decided to revamp my office.  (view the mood board here) I started by moving my folding table from one wall back to its original home on the opposite wall. Then I moved some storage pieces for craft goods under the folding table, along with our printer and backup computer drives. (Since this picture was taken, I’ve actually removed the gray/blue bin on the left and un-stacked the 2 white drawers)

From Leigh’s Office

I got the idea to skirt the folding table to keep all this “junk” out of site (and out of mind) and make the whole room look a lot cleaner. I used some 5/8″ hooks and eyes, screwed to the underside of the folding table.

From Leigh’s Office

I thought I was going to have to cut a hole for each one in the fabric (a drop cloth from Lowe’s) but I was able to just punch through. I didn’t hem or cut anything, jut folded at the top until the length was correct.

From Leigh’s Office

It’s far from perfect, but I love that everything is hidden. It really cleans up the space– especially since it’s right in front of the doorway!

Finally, a sneak peak, here’s my built-but-not-stained-and-poly’d-bookcase:

From Leigh’s Office

Check back later this week for more office updates and the bookcase reveal/review!


6 thoughts on “Office Update: Part 1

  1. The skirt made a huge difference- it looks so polished and grown up now. I can’t believe it is a drop cloth- so smart. Can’t wait to see the bookcase.

  2. Both projects look great! Your skirt is so clever…I’ve been meaning to do that to a table I have, but didn’t know where to start. Thanks for the instructions and inspiration:)

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