Office Update: Part 2

Back in college I had a strange (read: bad) sense of dorm-and-apartment-room decor. First, there’s a painted wood lamp (sorry, no pictures are readily available). Second, there’s this gem of a vase, used as a pen/pencil/sharpie/highlighter/scissor holder over the years. It’s hiding behind the Diet Coke:

I just couldn’t handle the pink and purple anymore. One day when I was working from home, I wondered if there was anyway to get the tissue paper off. I started picking and was able to peel away the top layer of Modge-Podge and tissue paper. But I was left with seemingly an impossible layer of more paper and glue.

First I tried Goo be Gone and was disheartened when that didn’t work. I was standing in the kitchen, *pouring* on the Goo be Gone, and scraping at the tissue paper/glue with a flat head screwdriver.

I gave up on that approach and then thought back to Matt’s beer brewing and how he can remove labels on beer bottles with some hot water and Oxy-Clean. So I decided to try some hot water and dish soap.

I plugged the sink and turned the faucet on all the way to hot. Dropped in the vase and what do you know! The tissue paper/glue started peeling right off! I drained the sink and used my flat head screwdriver and hot water to remove all of the paper and glue.

WAY easier than I expected and I wish I had tried it first! After drying, my next step was to create a monogram in Photoshop, print it out, and use my craft knife to cut it out in prep for spray painting.

A light coat of spray paint later and voila! A totally refreshed pen/scissor holder!
(I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture, but here is the ‘after’ with the stencil still taped on)

It could have used another coat of spray paint, but it started to rain and I’m impatient. And if I had thought of a better way to attach the stencil, the monogram would have turned out sharper, but oh well!


3 thoughts on “Office Update: Part 2

  1. How cute. That would be great for gift giving too. Not only do we have the same name, but our husbands have the same first initial too- so our monograms are almost the same. hehehe

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