Office Update: Part 3

Today is bookcase day!

I used these plans by Ana at Knock Off Wood for the bookcase. I knew I wanted to stain it to mirror my stained desk on the opposite wall, so I used pine boards instead of MDF. This made my bookcase more expensive than Ana’s and also led to some frustration in gathering materials.

Her plans in the post above are for 2 bookcases, but I just wanted to make 1. I thought I could just halve the number of boards needed, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. On the 1×12’s (the shelves, sides, and top), I ended up being about 5 inches short on the last piece. I improvised and trimmed the top all the way around the board so there would be some overhang. Score -1 for Leigh. Lesson learned: do the math first.

The whole thing came together pretty easily, save for some bowed boards. I wish I had spent more time picking out boards, but the selection wasn’t super. I also had all of my cuts done at Home Depot which was good for the most part, but they added 1″ to a couple of the cuts, which majorly messed me up. They were on the little 1×2’s, and I have a little band saw, but it was such a pain to cut these by hand that once I was done with 2 out of the 4 that needed trimming, I gave up and didn’t fully trim out the bottom as the plans indicate. But you really can’t tell and I’m happy with it anyway.

I applied one coat of Red Mahogany stain, which wasn’t as red as I was hoping. I had my fingers crossed that it would end up matching my desk, but no such luck. I only did one coat because I definitely didn’t want it any darker.

I did 2 coats of semi-gloss polyurethane on the whole thing, then an additional coat on the top. It could be more shiny, but I don’t have the patience for more coats of poly and more days of my car sitting in the driveway being all cold and frozen instead of in the garage.

All in all, this was an easy build. It would’ve been even easier with flat/straight MDF and a nail gun (pre-drilling/countersinking all the screw holes made for an achy back). I’d definitely make it or something else of Ana’s again. But I might wait for the spring so I’m not bundled up in the garage trying to keep my fingers from freezing.

4 thoughts on “Office Update: Part 3

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  2. I am so super-impressed! It looks great! I’ve been wanting to attempt one of Knock Off’s projects for a bit now… but I’m not sure what piece of furniture I need next…

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