Random Post Wednesday

It’s Wednesday already? My how this week is flying by! It’s my last week on my current project so things have been extra hectic trying to get everything wrapped up and handed off.

I’m watching curling right now. I much prefer curling to ice dancing. When trying to watch the USA v Canada hockey game this weekend, we realized that our cable plan with Verizon was SO out of date that there were a bunch of channels that we didn’t get in HD but were included in the current base HD package. So last night I upgraded our service and I think we’re going to end up SAVING money. Pretty awesome, huh?

Pioneer Woman is doing a photography assignment over in the photography section of her site this week. The theme is Dogs; I took a bunch of photos of Zeus last night to enter into the assignment (which usually ends up with her picking favorites and giving out prizes).

Here’s my favorite:

Lets Go!

And of course I had to take a photo of Alton. Here’s my favorite of his:
Alton in black and white

Has anybody seen the movie Dear John yet? I’m going this weekend with a friend; am I going to need to bring tissues? I haven’t read the book this movie is based on but Nicholas Sparks books/movies have a way of making me bawl my eyes out.


2 thoughts on “Random Post Wednesday

  1. The photo of Zeus rocks! And I’m sorry but I will have to stand up for ice dancing- I loved watching it. I haven’t seen “dear john”, but I want to so please report back.

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