Recipe Reviews

Tuesday was a beautiful day with temps in the 60’s. This meant that when I got home from work it was time for a walk/run with Zeus. Before our walk/run though, I started prepping the Baked Oven Fries from Annie’s Eats.

Oh my. These fries. They’re keepers. So easy, they didn’t stick to the pan, just absolutely delicious. Make these. Please. You’ll thank me. To go with our fries, we grilled some burgers with smoked gouda. And served them on toasted english muffins. But I can’t show you pictures, because these babies didn’t last long enough.

Then tonight (Wednesday). Well, let me back up. Monday night, I made PW’s pizza dough. I followed the recipe almost to a T — I added probably a tablespoon more of flour because I could just tell that the dough was too wet. At that moment, I knew. I just knew that this dough was something special. As I pulled it off of the paddle attachment of my mixer, it was sticky, but not sticking. It was a bit unruly and difficult to turn into a ball, but I got it in a bowl, lightly covered in olive oil, then into the fridge.

Thankfully Tuesday was nice enough to grill out that it wasn’t hard to let the dough sit for a full 48hrs in the fridge. So tonight, I pulled out the dough, turned it out on the counter, and had to resist eating it right then and there. Again, I just KNEW that it was right. I’ve tried probably 5-6 other dough recipes, but I’ll be sticking with this one.

It turned out great, especially the center where the dough was the thinnest. Also contributing to the pizza success was my new baking stone. We have some dough left and I think we’re going to try another pizza tomorrow with some bbq sauce and  barbacoa.

Deliciousness is sure to ensue.


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