Sprung Forward

I survived the Spring Forward this weekend, but barely. The good thing is that the cats haven’t wised up to the new time yet which means they don’t pester us at an ungodly hour. The bad thing is that the cats are really slacking on motivating me out of bed and into the shower since they haven’t adjusted to the new time. But we all know this will only last a short while longer.

We had a great weekend. It started off with sushi dinner and seeing Crazy Heart- which was super good. Saturday we did some shopping.

A new pizza peel:

Image from Williams-Sonoma.com

A new coffee machine:

Image from Williams-Sonoma.com

And watch shopping for my birthday!  My birthday is in a few weeks and I decided a new watch would be the perfect present. My watch battery died about a year and a half ago, so I’ve been watch-less ever since. It was time for a new watch style for me; I wanted something simple, classic, and dressy enough to not be out of place with the occasional dress. We looked at a few places and I was starting to get discouraged about finding anything.

Then we went to Jared’s — sounds corny, I know– but that’s where we got Matt’s watch, which we got cleaned for free while we looked around. I found two options and ended up going with this beauty, a Tissot. We bought her on the spot and I’m in love! (And still getting used to wearing a watch again).

Saturday night we cooked some filet mignon, roasted asparagus, and I baked a fresh loaf of bread, using this recipe from NYTimes Online. The bread turned out wonderful and we have enough dough for 3-4 more loaves(depending on size). The only downfall was that Matt sliced his thumb when cutting the bread! Thankfully, the bread is ok. And Matt is ok too.


This recipe is SO easy. There’s no kneading.


It turned out so so delicious. I can’t wait to bake more.


How was your weekend?

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