Outdoor Dreams

As the temperature rises, so does my desire to spend more time outside. This has me thinking about ways to use our deck and yard for more enjoyment. Check out this “mood board” I whipped up:

  1. String globe lights. I’d love to swag these over our deck somehow
  2. A new umbrella. I’m loving a nice navy color for our deck this season. And, a dark navy wont show dirt as easily as some lighter colors
  3. Hanging Mason jars. I saw these in the Pottery Barn catalogue but I think you could DIY for less ($8 each at PB). I really love this idea and think I might just have to get a case of Mason jars and make this happen!
  4. Some outdoor fabric. I’d love to make some cushions and pillows for outside. Maybe I’ll get around to it this year.
  5. More functional here, but I really want to get this charcoal tupperware saver thing. Seems to me like it would be SO much easier than lugging a big ole bag of charcoal around. We also just got a deck storage box and while it *SEEMS* to be water tight, I always say “better safe than sorry”, especially when it comes to grilling.
  6. Along with the grill, I’d like to get this grill pad for our grill to sit on to minimize damage to our deck from the grill (namely the ashes that can spill over when we Matt empties the ash-tray.

So there we have it. I’m definitely in more of an outdoors mood, I just need the weather to catch up! Is there anything you’ve got your eye on for this spring/summer?


3 thoughts on “Outdoor Dreams

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