Mason Jar Candleholders

If you remember my previous post talking about spring-ing up our deck, then you’re sure to remember the Pottery Barn Mason Jar Candleholders:

Image from

So this weekend when I was out and about, I stopped in to Michaels and scored four mason jars, 12 candles, and a basket for produce for only $14.

This project couldn’t have been easier. I already had some play sand, so I just filled up the jars with some sand:


then added a candle!


I skipped the hanging part for now for two reasons. 1, I don’t have anything to hang them from, and 2, I’m pretty sure that would be a fire hazard….

I can’t wait for this weekend (with temps in the upper 70’s, low 80’s!) and for this rain to move on out so I can spend some quality time on the deck with my new accessories!


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