Out Like Lamb

The month of March is ending and along with it, the first quarter of 2010. I can’t believe we’re already 1/4 of our way through the year! I am SO ready for April showers and May flowers (and veggies) though! The high here is 75 today and this weekend is supposed to be in the 80’s; I can’t wait!

I didn’t make any March goals, but I’m going to set some for April. These are pretty general, but I think that’s going to set myself up for more success than super specific goals. And I’m doing 4 goals for April being the 4th month of the year.

April Goals

  1. Workout more
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Keep the house clean
  4. Sew

I’ve started using the site DailyBurn.com again for calorie counting and exercise tracking. I’m hoping that I can keep this up all month and shed a few pounds (ideally, 5). My exercise regimen is going to consist of running, biking, and yoga.

I haven’t sewn in a few months, but I’ve got some project ideas in mind:

  • Canvas tote bag

    LLBean Boat & Tote Bag

  • Drawstring bags to store my camera lenses — inspiration:

    Etsy Shop: Tracy Joy

  • Wallet & checkbook cover (in a bright fabric so its easier to find in my purse!) — inspiration:

    From Gussy Sews

  • Key-fob (also in a bright color so my keys are easier to find.) — inspiration:

    Etsy Shop: Madas Place

Hopefully April won’t speed by as fast as March (and February, and January, and 2009…). Do you have any projects in the pipeline?


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