Fired Up!

Last week, my sister, some of her friends, and I went to a local paint-your-own-pottery studio. It was Ladies’ Night, which meant that we were able to bring alcohol along for the fun. They also had some snacks set up. Overall, it was a super fun night.

I picked two pieces of pottery to paint. First, a ring holder that I’m going to keep in the kitchen so I have somewhere safe for my rings when I’m cooking/baking/getting my hands dirty. I’ve been wanting one of these things for ages!

I thought the gray color would go well with the stainless steel in our kitchen. And I thought the blue would tie in with the family room (and blue is my favorite color).

I added these little dots around the base.

I also painted a 3-section tray thingy. I think this will be good to set out with mixed nuts, candy, or small appetizers.
Now the coolest thing about this paint-your-own-pottery place is that they had carbon paper available and they would print out images for you to trace! Once I heard about that, I knew I wanted to do a cherry blossom branch! It wasn’t the easiest (given the shape of the piece), but I think it turned out pretty good!

Alton thinks it’s a new water and food bowl for him.

Have you ever done paint-your-own-pottery? We had such a great time, I think we’re going to do Ladies’ Night again next week! They also have glass fusing and you can throw your own clay to actually make your own pottery. I can’t wait to try making a glass piece!


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