I Like Your Buns

Friday was such a beautiful day that I decided to take the afternoon off. Another reason for taking off early was so I could get my buns started!


I found this recipe from Annie’s Eats (recipe here). It’s an adaptation from a recipe (here) printed at the New York Times. I needed to make two batches, so for one batch I followed the Annie’s Eats recipe and the other I followed New York Times (except I still used my stand mixer with the dough hook for kneading).


They turned out great! And now that I’ve made them once, I think they’d be easier to make a second time. The dough is on the sticky side, but you don’t want to add too much flour, so figuring out HOW much to add is the only tricky part (since the amount of flour can depend on how humid it is when you’re making the dough).


They were pretty massive though, you could probably get more than 8 buns out of a batch.We had a cookout on Saturday and everybody seemed to enjoy the buns. I also made the Pioneer Woman’s restaurant-style salsa (recipe here), which was delicious as usual.


It was such a great weekend with good food, friends, and weather. How was your weekend?


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