Belle Fleur

I just recently got some china, silver, and crystal from my mother. I’ve loved this china since I was little, seeing as my favorite color has always been blue. I’m so excited to finally use the china cabinet for its intended purpose. I think everything looks great in there.


The china is Wedgwood. The pattern is Belle Fleur. It’s discontinued, but you can still find pieces on the Internet if we ever decide to add to the collection.



I can’t remember the name of the crystal, but we’ve got water goblets, white and red wine glasses.


We also got some place settings of silver. It’s Old Master by Towle.


It all needs to be polished, but that’s a task for another day.


We didn’t register for any china for our wedding, so I’m excited to have something other than our basic white Crate & Barrel every day stuff. Do you have any china? Do you use it often, or are you too nervous to eat off it it?


3 thoughts on “Belle Fleur

  1. Pretty! I insisted on getting the china + crystal, but I try to use it. I mean, I know it’s breakable, but why have it if you don’t use it?

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