junk drawer

Sometimes when I find myself with 20 minutes to kill (as I did yesterday) and not wanting to just sit down, I’ll find something random to clean/organize.

Quick side story:

You see, we’re in the pre-process of having a landscaper do some work to our back yard to solve our muddy-dog problem (where the dog gets covered in mud anytime he runs to the back corner of the yard, which is every time that the neighbor’s dog is also outside) and our no-shade-on-the-deck problem.

Our HOA is (in my opinion) fairly strict about appearances and you’re supposed to get pretty much ANY landscaping change approved by the Modifications Committee. Since we’re hiring out this work and not DIY-ing (ain’t no way I’m planting two trees in this clay soil), we thought it would be too risky to NOT get this approved first.

So I have to fill out an application and an updated property plat that shows the changes. But I couldn’t for the life of me find that darn piece of paper in ANY of my files (closing, mortgage, HOA, other house files).

Anyhow, after searching high and low for that darned piece of paper, I had about 20 minutes to kill before I needed to head out for softball. That’s when I decided to tackle the Junk Drawer. {cue dramatic music}

There was no way I could just leave that drawer build up any longer. So out it all came. The ethernet cables were moved out to the garage where we have an entire plastic drawer dedicated to ethernet cables. An ENTIRE drawer. We. Are. Nerds.


Everything else got put back in the drawer one by one, with all of the corded items wrapped up neatly (for the time being). Ahh, sweet organization.

Here’s what we’ve got in there:

Do you ever get fed up with the clutter on go on organizing terrors sprees?


3 thoughts on “junk drawer

  1. Yes! I do go on organizing kicks- it is killing me right now that I can’t. I love my label maker, it makes things so much easier. Great work!

  2. Leigh- my label maker is out of tape and I keep forgetting to buy more. There have been a handful of times when I reach for it and get so disappointed that I can’t churn out a label. I must remedy this ASAP!

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