Backyard: The Plan

As I mentioned yesterday, we’re having a landscaper do some work in our yard. Before he can come out an work his magic, though, we need to get approval from our HOA. The landscaper drew up a full design for our back yard, but we’re only implementing part right now. So instead of confuse the lovely HOA people with a full yard design and try to explain that we’re only executing a portion of it, I drew up my own (basic) landscape plans to submit with the application.

First up, we needed to show the materials that we’re going to be using. (I blurred out our address just in case some crazy Internet stalker finds this post)


Then, we needed the landscape design. I used Google Doc’s newest feature, Drawings, to make this. (this is not to scale at all, and didn’t need to be, thankfully!)

We also had to draw the changes to scale (approximately) on a copy of our plat (that shows our land, house, and other things from the county, like drainage easements). That piece of paper is horribly boring, so I didn’t think anybody would be interested in seeing it.

The committee meets next Tuesday, so hopefully we’ll have an approval in our hot little hands on Wednesday so we can get this party started. It should only take a day or two and we can’t wait! Adding the dry river bed is pretty much a necessity and I think it will add some value to our house.

I don’t have any great photos of the yard, which I’ll remedy as soon as this rain lets up so you can see the before & after once we get to that point. Here’s a photo of the yard from before we moved in- you can see the ditch at the back by the fence, our #1 offender.


Have you used a landscaper before? Our soil is basically 100% clay here, and there was no way in heck I was going to dig 2 holes big enough for trees. Money well spent, in my opinion!


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