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I don’t think I’d classify myself as a “bag” person. But seeing that lovely Brooks Brothers tote sparked something inside of me. I had been thinking about a bag/purse so that I could carry my new camera with me when I’m out and about but without it getting damaged since I got it in January. So I posted earlier this week about the Brooks Brothers tote vs the L.L. Bean tote.

Then Leigh @ Popcorn Ideas (and yes, Leigh, it is kind of crazy when we comment back and forth and it seems like one (or both) of us is talking to ourselves), had to got and tell me that there was a post over at Half of VAHM about camera bags.

I fell head over heels.

I spent ALL morning drooling over the Epiphanie bags. Then I finally decided I was going to buy one and had the huge dilemma about which bag to get. I loved the color (and name) of Belle, but read a review that you couldn’t really wear her on your shoulder, which is essential for me.

I lusted over Lola and her divine shape, but knew that I could not pull off the red color (especially when we go to some weddings this summer and fall).

So Ginger it is. I finally pull the trigger and click the “Purchase Now” button only to find out that ALL of the bags are out of stock! And wont be back until mid-July!

Ohh the agony. The pain and dispair! So I did the next best thing. I ordered an L.L.Bean Boat & Tote, medium, long handles, navy, with my initials, LJK, monogrammed.

LL Bean Boat & Tote

This will hold me over until the Epiphanie bags come back in stock (and maybe they’ll have new styles then too! or offer the Lola in brown!) and hopefully I’ll have my precious in my hot little hands for the end-of-July wedding we’ll be attending. I’ll be able to use my L.L. tote for lots of stuff, so I don’t feel bad about pulling the trigger on that one. I’ve been wanting one every since Matt got one for his Mom a few years ago for Christmas.

Are you falling in love with these Epiphanie bags? Are you a bag person?

*all photos of the Epiphanie bags are from their website,


4 thoughts on “More About Bags

  1. I’m a big fan of lowepro’s “slingshot” bags:

    When I was looking for a bag I wanted something that I could use to carry my camera when riding my bike so I needed something that I could wear on my back and securely strap on. The bag can “slingshot” around your shoulder giving you access through a side panel. That way you don’t have to take the bag off to get your camera out. This is very useful but the compromise is that in order to sling it has to set on one shoulder so all of the weight of your lenses is applied in one place.

    I have the 200 series bag and it fits my telephoto, wide angle, and macro lens with lots of room to spare. I can even fit the camera in the bag with the telephoto lens on the body. It also has lots of little compartments and straps for memory cards and batteries and what not. I’m also a big fan of the microfiber cloth sewn into the bag which sits against your camera’s LCD screen. It is really nice to always have a microfiber cloth that is sewn in so you can’t lose/forget it.

    The only thing I don’t like about the bag is you need to set it down on its back inorder to get to your lenses. My advice is to not pull a Christian and set it down in the dirt then transfer the dirt to your back once you put the bag back on :-/

  2. I have heard good things about Lowepro. My biggest issue is not wanting to carry two bags, purse and camera. It’s just too much and such a burden. I’ve also looked at the Crumpler bags, but they’re not quite something I want to carry when dressed up and going out.

  3. ugh! How frustrating. I love the fun colors on the linings. I also love boat and tote bags; off hand I don’t even know how many I owe. They have so many uses and last forever!

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