Oh! Hi, Friday!

Hello, Friday. Welcome back.

I’m working from home today, waiting on Mr. AC man. Seriously, Mr. AC man. Feel free to show up anytime now and get rid of my 2nd floor sauna. We’ve been sleeping with the tops of the windows open. The cats LOVE that because they can REALLY hear the birds chirping at 5am.

Anyhow, here’s what we’ve got on tap for this weekend:

  • Tour a gym in the area that has indoor and outdoor tennis courts. With Matt’s new interest in tennis, we’re thinking about switching gyms so  he/we can play year round.
  • Yardwork. I have GOT to get our tomatoes fertilized and staked this weekend. It’s also about time for a trim of the front hedges and weekly weeding.
  • Mother’s Day! We’re having brunch at our house, which gives me incentive to clean. We’ll be having waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, a Paula Deen hash brown, sausage, egg casserole, and cheese grits. And mimosas. Can’t forget the mimosas.
  • And as always, a grocery store run and laundry.

What do you have going on this weekend? Doing anything special to celebrate your mom?


OMG. I almost forgot to tell you! Friday Night Lights returns tonight! I CAN.NOT.WAIT!


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