Garden Update

Our veggies have been in the ground for just about a month now. Since the threat of frost is behind us and the temps are starting to soar, I’m anticipating a real growth spurt in the next month.

I finally got around to staking our tomatoes and I’ve seen a few flowers on our Roma plant.

The Bell Pepper plant has flowers too!

And the Basil is thriving. We need to start using it!

How’s your garden fairing?


2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. I’m hoping to plant this weekend. I can’t wait for fresh basil for pesto. Do you have some kind of built in watering system? I saw tubes…

  2. Leigh, I have a soaker hose snaked throughout the two beds as a type of drip irrigation. This way I don’t have to stand out there with a hose to water the (except once a week when I use MiracleGrow) or weild a watering can.

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