Attack of the Ants

First off, that list from Friday? The only thing there that happened was watching tennis. No farmers market, no yard work, and no Epiphanie bag today {it got delayed until Tuesday, boo!}. I’m not really complaining about the no yard work part though. It was a nice enough weekend, with tennis playing Friday night, the Greek Festival, some pool-lounging, and karaoke on Saturday. But between the pool-lounging and karaoke, I saw them.

The Ants.

They were all over the kitchen counters between the sink and the stove. I removed everything in that area {coffee maker, coffee grinder, toaster, fruit bowl, kitchen scale, kitchen utensils} and went on a killing spree with 409 granite cleaner. I’m pretty sure the death toll was in the hundreds.

I knew ants generally walked along a path that was set by their scent {or something like that} so I tried to break the line, but to no avail. Then I noticed that the ants were coming and going from two places, a hole in the caulk between the backsplash and the wall and the electrical socket.

I decided that a smart think to do would be to tape up the socket with packing tape to prevent more ants from coming out while I fled the scene {to karaoke, because surely I deserved a beer away from my ant infested kitchen}.

After getting home from the bar, Google told me to try a 1-1 mix of water and vinegar to repel the ants. That seemed to work pretty well and we didn’t have a high number of ants on Sunday morning.

We ended up putting some ant traps out on Sunday {blocked by various household objects to keep the cats-that-shouldn’t-be-jumping-on-the-counters-but-do-anyway away from the poison}.

This has also sparked a cleaning kick in me. The type of granite that we have makes it near impossible to see dirt on the counters. I think this is part of the cause of our ant infestation, so I’m vowing to be better about cleaning the counters and keeping them debris-free.

I also had been contemplating a new stick vac for downstairs so I could clean up the floors more easily {which is a necessity with 2 cats and a dog and a litter box} since ours had died {from over-charging I think}. So the ant infestation was the final tipping point for me to run out to Target and pick up the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum, image from

I’m pretty happy with the purchase so far and I’m hoping that by vacuuming the kitchen daily, it’ll help keep those darn ants at bay.

Have you ever dealt with ants? Any words to the wise?


3 thoughts on “Attack of the Ants

  1. Ugh, we’ve had that problem too. Ants dislike cinnamon, so if you sprinkle some on their walkway they get confused and won’t go through. Not a permanent fix but quick and natural. Let us know how you like the new vac in a few weeks, it is my least favorite chore. But with the dog needs to be done often, maybe if it was easier to do…

  2. Pingback: a queen ant somehow ended up in my room. should i worry that her minions will come into my room too?

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