Old Time Fiddler’s Convention

This past weekend we traveled to deep Southwest Virginia for the 75th Annual Old Time Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, Va.

Galax 2010

Basically, a bluegrass festival.

We camped near the park where the festival was held. Thankfully there was a bathhouse nearby since we were there Thursday through Sunday morning.

There were various vendors selling their wares. One vendor had hand-painted guitars.
Galax 2010

At night we headed over to watch some of the competition.
Galax 2010

The place was packed.
Galax 2010

There was clog dancing (pretty much tap dancing if you ask me, like square dancing + taps).
Galax 2010

And then there was the food!

Swirl potatoes- a potato is sliced into thin pieces in a circular fashion so it’s one long strand.
Galax 2010

And of course funnel cake:
Galax 2010

There’s also roasted corn on the cob, courtesy of the Mother Shuckers.
Galax 2010

Unfortunately we never made it around to the fried oreo. And I really wanted to know what a Taco in a Bag was.
Galax 2010

Apparently they’re popular.
Galax 2010

During the downtime at the campsite, there was lots of cornhole and jamming going on.
Galax 2010

It was a nice weekend getaway. I’m already looking forward to next year.


3 thoughts on “Old Time Fiddler’s Convention

  1. What a relaxing and different type of weekend get away. I think a taco in a bag, is basically all the taco fixings dumped in a bag and you eat it with a fork.

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