Ready For Fall

I don’t know about you, but I sure am ready for some crisp fall days right about now. With September quickly approaching, Summer has about worn out its welcome with me. Maybe it’s just because it has been so darn hot this year, but I’m longing for 70* days and changing leaves.

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I went grocery shopping yesterday (for the first time in probably 2+ weeks) and was so excited to see an assortment of pumpkin beer that I had to get a 6pack. Drinking a glass lets me pretend, if only momentarily, that it’s time for boots and sweaters.

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And with Fall comes football, which I am totally ready for! Preseason football doesn’t really do it for me, but only a few more weeks until the real thing. And the beginning of football season means the beginning of chili season! I can’t wait, especially since we’re about to have an abundance of Thai chile peppers and jalapenos.

Are you ready for fall?


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