Anchors Away

Awhile ago we hung curtains (finally). We didn’t use anchors in the drywall, because we’re lazy, and cotton curtains aren’t heavy.

I think you can see where this is going.

We were away this past Labor Day weekend (details to come!) and when we returned home, I was praising the cats on their excellent behavior while we were gone.

Then I walked to the front of the house.


We have acquired this antique secretary (unfortunately it’s not a permanent acquisition) and *somebody* has taken to sleeping on the top of it. It’s my theory that when trying to jump from the wingback chair to the top of the secretary, Savannah fell short. And the curtain rod fell with her.

Thankfully I could just use my rubber mallet to pound some drywall anchors in and screw that bad boy back up on the wall (nevermind the fact that it took 4 days to complete said task).

Ahhh, much better.


Are you dying over that secretary? I’m SO in love. We need to pair down the objects in the cabinet section, but we had to put our books somewhere since we moved the bookcase that previously occupied this space.


4 thoughts on “Anchors Away

  1. Love the secretary! Why can’t you keep it? I’m glad to hear you are just getting to curtains, I feel so bad for still having naked windows.

  2. We’re keeping it for my dad for the time being. So eventually we’ll have to give it back. Then I’ll ultimately have to fight my sister for it. It was our great-great-grandmothers, and I’m absolutely in love with it.

  3. Seriously, I am OBsessed with that secretary. Obsessed. Gorgeous. Do you think you can hide it when it’s owners come to get it?

    Ryan’s grandmother has the most amazing secretary. It’s like 9 feet tall and just perfect. I not-so-subtley tell her how much I love it and how I’d take it off her hand every time we visit. (I have no shame.)

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