John Deere Birthday

Our nephew turned TWO this past Labor Day weekend. He is totally obsessed with all things John Deere, so it was only natural to have a John Deere themed party for him!

We had green & yellow streamers and balloons all over my in-law’s back porch.


And a John Deere cake. The tractor was IMMEDIATELY pulled off of the cake by the birthday boy, but you can see the tire tracks to indicate where it was.


And as the BIG birthday present, the birthday boy got his very own John Deere!

Now here is some 100% pure joy:

And this picture of hubs and the birthday boy absolutely makes my heart melt.


2 thoughts on “John Deere Birthday

  1. This is adorable. My hubby works for Deere and both my parents worked for John Deere, so this is near and dear to our hearts. My dad is just a big kid, he still loves the toy tractors and they have a whole room devoted to the green and yellow. =)

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