The dining room!


As mentioned, the paint is Ralph Lauren Dressage Red mixed by Home Depot in the Behr Premium Plus Primer Eggshell base. Home Depot still has the Ralph Lauren colors in the computer even though they no longer sell the Ralph Lauren bases. Let’s just have a moment of silence for that fact, since Ralph Lauren paint (in our experience) is super awesome.

Also as I mentioned, the color is a bit lighter than the swatch. If we had done four coats we might have gotten as dark as the swatch. We might have had a chance, also, if we had started with a grey primer. If you ever paint a room/wall a dark, saturated color (red, navy, etc), I highly recommend using a grey primer first, even if you’re using a “paint and primer in one”.

The color has made more of an impact than I imagined. The room is noticeably darker due to less light being reflected from the walls. I was worried about the room feeling too small/cramped/tight, but it seems to be just right. Enough yapping, here are some more pictures.

Here are some “in progress” photos taken during coat #1.

IMG_3785 IMG_3787


You can see it was painfully obvious that additional coats were required.

We re-hung my bridal portrait next to the window. We want to get a set of 3 prints to hang on the wall above the buffet.


And on this wall on the left, we want to get 2 lamps for each end of the library table and a piece of art for the middle.


Now that we have paint on the walls, I think my project of recovering the dining room chairs needs to move to the top of the list.


And because everybody loves a before and after,




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