Recipe: Homemade Rice-A-Roni

The other night, we had Rice-A-Roni as a side dish. I love rice and I love Rice-A-Roni. In kindergarten or 1st grade we made a “book” of our favorite things. One of the prompts was our favorite food. I drew a bowl of rice.

So after eating our only box of Rice-A-Roni but still wanting more (just not a trip to the grocery store, thankyouverymuch), I decided to try my hand at a from-scratch rice and pasta dish.

I started out with a half cup of Basmati rice.


And a half cup of Orzo (I didn’t feel like breaking some spaghetti down into itty bitty pieces)


I melted ~1.5 tablespoons of butter


Then added the rice and pasta (basically following the directions from the Rice-A-Roni box)


After the rice and pasta was nicely toasted, I added 2 cups of chicken broth. Next up were the spices. I didn’t measure any of these. I added onion and garlic powder, salt, chicken base, and some saffron.


Bring back to a boil, put a lid on it, and catch up on some TV while it cooks over low for 15-17 minutes.


Once all of the liquid is absorbed, enjoy!


Mmmm, rice and orzo.


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