Mama’s Got a Brand New Chair

Okay so that’s a bold-faced lie. I don’t have any new chairs. I do, however, have newly covered chair cushions.

I picked up two yard of this creamy home decor fabric on sale at JoAnn. Have you been to JoAnn’s home decor section lately? There were all sorts of yummy fabrics hanging out back there! I loved some of the Lauren by Ralph Lauren selections and they had some Dwell fabric as well. I think I need some new projects just so I have an excuse to buy pretty fabric.

I got 2 yards and that covered all 6 of my chair cushions exactly. It was on sale for $12/yd, so $24 total or $4 a chair. Not too bad.

Outdated & pink before:

Fresh and clean after:

Savannah approves:

I’m loving the lighter color, although I am concerned about spills. Anybody have experience with Scotch-Guard?

This was my first time recovering a chair cushion. Have you done any chair makeovers or reupholstery?


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Got a Brand New Chair

  1. Very nice, good job. I think you just buy scotch guard & spray it on…read instructions!!
    Love Home projects like that…have done a few like that!! Then I put a tassel border on — when I handed the chairs down to my sister I’m pretty sure she ripped that right off! Not for everybody!! Ha, Ha!!

  2. Nice! I have done a few chairs and I scotch guarded them. I scotch guard everything- outdoor cushions, rugs, purses I make, etc. For the chairs, I would tape off the wood parts (I don’t know what it will do)before you spray. Next time, just spray them before you reattach the cushions.

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