Dining Room Details

Are you sick from seeing updates on the dining room? No, good- because that’s the only thing that’s being worked on in our house at the moment.

I knew I wanted a pair of lamps for the library table. I hit up HomeGoods after work to scope out the scene. Low and behold, I found a pair that I thought would work perfectly in the dining room. I had been given the go-ahead from Matt to purchase items without prior approval, knowing that we can return items that don’t work out.


Thankfully, these babies work well in the space. They’re the right height and the glass keeps them from being too heavy visually. The oil-rubbed bronze look of the hardware ties in nicely with our curtain rod.


And I’m totally a sucker for the glass finial on top.


We weren’t fans of the original shades. We decided we preferred a bell shape after trying  various lamp shades from other lamps in the house. A quick trip to Target later, and we were in business!

Have you had any Homegoods successes lately?


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