Catching Up


So much has happened since I’ve been gone. I’ve been super busy with work and just haven’t had the urge to get on the computer once I get home. So here’s a run-down on the haps since my last post.

  • threw a bridal shower for my sister (10.24)
  • attended my friend Karen’s beautiful wedding (you can read about it here at Miss Prissy Paige) (10.30)
  • celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary (11.10)
  • spent a day/night in DC for said anniversary (11.13)
  • hosted the rehearsal dinner for my sister’s wedding (11.19)
  • stood by my sister’s side at said wedding  (11.20)
  • hosted Thanksgiving for my in-laws, sister & (new) brother-in-law, and dad (11.25)

As you can see, things have been busy here at the Kesler home. I’m so glad that it’s finally December and I have a chance to catch my breath.

Be on the lookout for posts with bridal shower, DC, and Thanksgiving details, along with my 2010 Christmas decorations and the final Dining Room Decorating Update!



2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. My November was super crazy busy too. All I did was work, work on the house, and get ready to host Thanksgiving. Looks like you did a lot of fun stuff. All great, but exhausting I’m sure.

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