Bridal Shower Redux

On Sunday, October 24th, I threw a bridal shower for my sister, Ellen, at my home. Ellen’s wedding “theme” was Fall, and using the colors of the season. I used orange as my main color, since it’s a very fall-like color and also one of Ellen’s favorites.

I found the cutest cocktail napkins at Target.


I filled a vase with wine corks and wrapped it with twine…


…and set up a little bar station


For the shower game, I chose “Missing Ingredient”. I took 10 recipes and omitted 1 item. I tried to pick the most obvious ingredient, but a lot of people found it quite difficult! (example: Recipe for Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. Missing ingredient: roasted red pepper)


The winner of the game received a cookie baking mat.


As a side note, I was absolutely shocked that Target didn’t carry any orange wrapping paper!

For the favors, I used a Bakerella idea, Cowboy/Cowgirl cookies.


Instead of “Cowgirl”, I named them “Ellen’s EZ cookies”, since my sisters new initials are “EZ”.

So between the game, prize, and favor, I basically had a baking themed shower.

I didn’t get pictures of all of the food, but here’s what we had:

  • swedish meatballs
  • veggies & dip
  • chex mix
  • ham biscuits
  • pumpkin spice cupcakes (ordered from a local bakery)

I made a cupcake stand, but never got any pictures of it! What a shame…

Have you ever thrown a shower?


2 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Redux

  1. This looks so great! I love all the details. The cookies in a jar, the drink bar, the game. I’m really loving the way you clipped the recipes together with the game. Fun!

    I’ve thrown 4 bridal or baby showers this year. It’s kinda my schtick. šŸ˜‰ I’m a fan of a good shower.

  2. That looks great! I’ve never heard of that game, I like that it isn’t super “wedding-y”. I’ve thrown showers; I was supposed to do one last year on the weekend the huge blizzard started. And we were never able to reschedule.

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