DC Anniversary Trip, Part 1

On November 10th, Matt and I celebrated 3 years of marriage. Well, really, on the 10th I went with my sister to pick up her wedding dress from the alterations place and then headed home for a lasagna dinner with Matt. I stopped at the store to pick up some beer and some bubbly (I ended up getting a $8 bottle on the recommendation of the store’s wine guy. It was OK).

Anyway, the real celebration was that weekend. On Saturday the 14th, we headed up I-95 to our nation’s capital. We had cashed in our Marriott points for a night at the JW Marriott, just a few blocks from the national Mall and White House.

Our hotel room was a corner room, overlooking Pennsylvania and 14th Ave.


After a few minutes in the hotel room (they had individually wrapped Jelly Belly’s!) we headed out to the monuments. We decided to walk to the Lincoln Memorial first. We passed the Washington Monument, checked out the WWII memorial, then walked along the Reflecting Pool to the Lincoln Memorial.



While climbing the steps, we saw a man with his CAT on a leash. The cat was not phased by any of this. I stealthily got a photo of the man & cat when the man was pouring some treats for the cat so he could get a photo of kitty with the Washington Monument/Reflecting Pool in the background. Absolutely amazing.



Then we walked along the Vietnam Memorial.


Next up was our quest for lunch. We didn’t want to eat at a street vendor, so we headed towards the White House thinking for *sure* we’d stumble across something. Turns out we weren’t so lucky. We spent about 15-20 minutes trying to locate a cafe, or really ANYWHERE to sit down. We found a Cosi, but the line was out the door! Thankfully there was a Potbelly around the corner. Matt had his first taste of Potbelly, and he’s definitely a fan now. He wanted to go back for breakfast the next morning.

Post Potbelly, we walked over to the White House on our way back to the hotel to drop our coats (it had definitely warmed up more than we were expecting!). We saw the area where the press broadcasts from. We were bummed that we weren’t there on a weeknight at 6:30 to see some NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams action.


After a brief hotel stop, we were off to the Smithsonian Museum of National History. We saw the Hope diamond and a bunch of dinosaurs.


Next we headed down the street to the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This was a little less crowded and more interesting. We checked out the musical instruments exhibit, First Lady gowns, American President exhibit, Julia Child’s kitchen, WWII exhibit, and Abraham Lincoln exhibit, to name a few. I know there were others.

By this time, it was about 4pm so we headed back to the hotel to rest our legs before dinner.

About halfway through our journey, I told Matt that we should’ve turned on one of our GPS tracker apps on our iPhones to see how far we ended up walking. We tracked over 3 miles, but that doesn’t include walking inside the museums and walking back from the museums to the hotel. My guess is we walked at least 5 miles. Which is good, we needed the exercise to help burn off all of the calories we were about to eat at dinner.

Check back for Part 2 of our DC trip, dinner. It was delicious and deserves its own post.


2 thoughts on “DC Anniversary Trip, Part 1

  1. yeah, it’s odd that there are no real restaurants around the mall area huh? They’d do really well, but I think the area and surrounding buildings are so old there isn’t space. We made a similarly large trek after Thanksgiving.

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