DC Anniversary Part 2: Dinner

I’ll go ahead an apologize now for not having any photos of dinner. We went to Marcel’s. It’s located in the District on Pennsylvania Ave. We took a cab for a few reasons. First, there was no way we were going to walk after all the walking we had already done. Second, we were already tipsy and neither of us had any intentions of staying sober enough to drive ourselves.

After lunch when we were walking back to the hotel, we passed a small liquor store and popped in to see if they had any champagne. They thankfully did, so we grabbed a bottle and put it in the fridge of our hotel room to chill while we hit the museums. Once we got back, we popped that sucker and relaxed for a few hours before dinner. It was the perfect primer.

So dinner. Marcel’s is a French place that we found through some Internet searching and OpenTable. We started with a bottle of red wine, and thankfully they brought out some bread. We were starving!

The menu at Marcel’s is prix fixe in an interesting way. You can pick how many courses you’d like, and then select items from their menu for each course. They have the menu separated out into the various courses, but if you really wanted, you could order 2 salads as 2 of your courses. You can also order anything on the menu on its own. We opted for a four course dinner.

  1. Leigh – Arugala Salad. Matt – Oak Leaf Salad
  2. Leigh – Diver Sea Scallop over risotto. Matt – Shrimp with potato bellini
  3. Leigh and Matt – Filet Mignon with mashed potatoes and baby artichokes
  4. Leigh and Matt – Pumpkin Creme Brulee with cinnamon ice cream

They also brought out an amuse bouche for each of us. I got foie gras mouse and Matt got a salmon and potato bellini. This was my first time eating foie gras, and boy is it rich! I didn’t eat the whole thing ,but was pretty proud of myself for trying it at all. I also tried Matt’s salmon which I’m also proud about, because I’m pretty sure that salmon was raw and I’ve never tried raw fish.

Everything that we ate was delicious and the service was amazing. Between the 3rd and 4th courses, after we had finished our bottle of wine, I needed to use the restroom. I asked our waiter where it was located and he started giving me directions, but then stopped and showed me. All the way to the door. Then when I was walking back to our table, the waiters stopped when I neared them and allowed me to pass. Amazing service.

During the 3rd to 4th course break, an older couple came in and was seated at a table nearby. We saw that they had glasses of champagne, which made us wish that we had some champagne as well. Their waiter greeted them and said that he knew that they were celebrating an anniversary. I told Matt that he should have told the restaurant it was our anniversary when he made the reservations and maybe we would have gotten some champagne for free!

We ended up deciding to order a bottle of champagne and Matt convinced me to slip it in somehow that it was our anniversary. So when our waiter came back to take our order, I said “Well it’s our anniversary, so we’re going to get a bottle of champagne. We’ll get the…”. I thought I was quite smooth! After the waiter left, Matt told me that what I had said was not smooth at all. So I’m not quite sure what exactly came out of my mouth, but regardless it ended in us having “Happy Anniversary” written out in chocolate on our dessert plates. Mission accomplished.

Now we get to the best part of the night.

We needed a cab to get home and we figured we’d ask the host when we got my coat from the coat check. When we got to the front of the restaurant, they asked us if we needed a cab. Why yes we do! They asked us to follow them outside, and the back door of a black Mercedes opened for us to get inside. The nice driver took us back to the hotel, but on our way back I realized there was no meter in this car. This car didn’t seem to be a cab at all! So we had absolutely no idea how much money to give the guy, so I told Matt to just give him a $20. When we got into the hotel, I turned to Matt and said “That wasn’t a cab, was it?”. Nope! It probably was a car service that has a deal with the restaurant. Regardless, I’m just glad we made it back to the hotel safely and we weren’t abducted or something crazy.

Then we got back to our room and wished that we had another bottle of champagne. It’s a good thing we didn’t, though, as indicated by the size of my headache the next morning.

So any of you that live in the DC area, if you’re looking for a really nice, delicious, (and expensive), dinner, try Marcel’s. You won’t be disappointed.


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