Dare to… Deck the Halls!

This has to be one of my favorite weeks in Kim @ Newly Woodwards Dare to DIY Blog Party.

Dare to DIY

The other weekend, I found myself with an empty house and hours alone, which obviously equalled a day of crafting. I had seen the coffee filter Christmas tree over at The Nester, and thought I’d give it a try.

It took 150-175 regular sized coffee filters and a cone form (which I had leftover from last Christmas- score!). I folded the filters in quarters and hot glued them to the cone form.

I also made two Martha Stewart magazine trees. They aren’t totally finished as I haven’t had a chance to spray paint and giltter them yet.


I also made a yarn wreath with a creamy ivory yarn. Mine took less than 1 skein, but I might add a few layers to it.

Right now, the trees and wreath are dressing up my dining room. But I have to share these adorable little birds that I snagged at JoAnn for 40% off. They’re nesting on the piano in the living room.



7 thoughts on “Dare to… Deck the Halls!

  1. Oo I hadn’t seen those magazine trees before! That is such a great idea! You really don’t even NEED to spray paint them, depending on what look you’re going for. They look awesome just as they are!

  2. I like the color you chose for your yarn wreath. I’ve never seen the magazine trees- very cool. I like them the way they are, kind of color without the paint.

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