Tip: Meal Planning

I have tried a variety of meal planning techniques over the past few years.

  1. Come up with meal ideas when creating the grocery list for the week
  2. Keep a spreadsheet of recipes and note what is worth making again
  3. Bookmark recipes to try
  4. Use a web app to corral recipes (I blogged about that here)
  5. Post meal plans on this very blog

I’ve come up with another solution to my never ending problem. I created a new calendar in Google and named it Dinners. The plan here is to keep track of what we eat for dinner every night — or if we go out to eat. I’m hoping that this will help us have a good rotation of recipes since I’ll be able to look over the past few months to see what we’ve been eating.
The other helpful part about this is that whenever I think of a meal idea, I can just open the calendar and throw it on there somewhere in the future. Meals for the week wont be set until I’m making my grocery list since some nights we have meetings or other things planned. But this way I’ll have some ideas already in mind, instead of staring blankly at a sheet of paper trying to think of something to eat.
Do you have any meal planning tips or tricks?


4 thoughts on “Tip: Meal Planning

  1. wow, that is very organized. There are some weeks I’m better at meal planning than others. On Sundays we try to look at our calendar for the week, then pick some meals for a few of the nights (thinking there will be left-overs, take out, dinner out, etc.) and making a shopping list based on that.

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