Adventures in Bread Baking

One of my January goals was to try new recipes. I technically met that goal when I made the Lightened Chicken Divan, but I wanted to challenge myself with some bread recipes.

This weekend I tried Pita bread and English Muffins. I found both recipes at I love Annie’s Eats- it’s a super awesome site with some great recipes.

Saturday I made the pita. It was a pretty solid success. Not all of them puffed enough to form a pocket, but since I was eating mine with a White Bean Roasted Red Pepper dip, I didn’t really care. They were delicious (as was the white bean dip!). I don’t have any pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face with pita as soon as they had cooled. But they have some whole wheat in them, so you know, they’re not all *that* bad for you. For some pictures of the pitas, check out Annie’s recipe.

Sunday meant English Muffins. I was pretty pumped for these and have plans to use them as burger buns for dinner later on this week. This recipe is a little bit different since you use milk instead of water, and I wonder if my milk was still too cold. Things didn’t rise quite like they were supposed to.

Here’s a bad picture of the rolls before I baked them:


They didn’t flatten out like they should have and I under-baked them a bit. They still taste good and I’ll still eat them, but I definitely need to have another go at English Muffins.

Sunday was also the day of Pasta Bolognese, but that’s another post.

Are you a bread baker? Even if not, what’s your favorite bread product (if you can pick just one!) I don’t think I could pick just one form of bread, but I do love a good croissant.


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Bread Baking

  1. Ohh! Those both sound delish. I’ve been getting more into baking – but usually only make loaves of whole wheat bread or pizza dough. I’ll have to expand my horizons… fresh English muffins? Yum!

  2. You are doing awesome. That’s such a brave goal. I like to bake bread in the breadmaker, but I’m not a fan of the mess of flour when baking from scratch.

    I love bagels. With a passion.

  3. Yay, thanks for posting the pita recipe. I (or the bread machine) made triple cheese bread yesterday. It was ok. And I made cinnamon swirl bread- it was good but time consuming with all the rising, etc.

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