Hail to the King

I believe I failed to mention that over the summer, we upgraded to a King size bed. I don’t have any pictures of it, because really, how exciting is a mattress. We had a bit of an ordeal. Our first purchase was a bust, but we were able to return and exchange for a Tempurpedic.

photo from tempurpedic.com

We got the Classic Bed. The thing is a beast. When I wash the sheets and have to put the fitted sheet back on, its a serious work out. And I’m only lifting the corners! Needless to say the bed skirt that I bought won’t make it on the bed anytime soon.

But so far its wonderful and we’re sleeping really well. King size is amazing. Its the perfect amount of space for the three of us — me, Matt, and Savannah. Yep- the cat sleeps either on the bed or under the covers pretty much every single night. And with Alton recently deciding to sleep on the bed some nights, its a good thing we have a king.

So buying a king size bed comes with all sorts of dilemmas. Mainly bedding. We decided to shell out an arm and a leg for quality bedding, in hopes that it will be YEARS before we have to buy anything else.

We turned to Restoration Hardware in this case. After browsing through the store a few times, we picked up some Italian 50 Year Wash Vintage sheets in white. We went with the Italian Cypress Paisley Bedding in Fog for the duvet cover and shams.


image from restorationhardware.com

So now the hunt begins for bedroom furniture. Too bad king-sized beds are also quite pricey. Time to start saving!


4 thoughts on “Hail to the King

  1. We go back and forth on up-sizing our bed. Therefore I’ve held off buying new bedding- which we really need. I’m not sure if the king bed will fit in our oddly shaped(but large room), or even fit up our sloped stairs.

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