Week in Review

In bullet form, because it’s Friday morning and this cup of coffee isn’t quite working yet.

  • Our meals for the week consisted of pasta bolognese, black bean salsa soup, burgers, and chicken & dumplings. So far we have only eaten out 1 time. This is a major success.
  • Putting my meal plan in a calendar has been the best thing ever for me. I can look at it on my computer, on my phone, or just on the internet since everything is in Google.
  • I continue my search for the perfect chicken & dumplings recipe
  • Last night was poker night. I made some delicious brownies for the guys. I must resist the urge to make another batch.
  • I’m trying to cut down on the amount of emails I get from various stores. I’ve been unsubscribing as they come in.
  • I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’m about halfway through and enjoying it.
  • I’m really loving Grey’s Anatomy this season.

How has your week been?


2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. My work week has sucked, so I’ve been crashing as soon as I get home. Therefore the house is a mess. But I did go out to dinner two nights in a row- one with old friends I haven’t seen in awhile and the other with a new friend. Good times! I read “Girl….”too, I didn’t get into until the last 1/3 but the second book is great. I read it in the past two weeks- totally addictive.

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