Wake Up and Smell the Brioche

Alternate title: “Sweet Buttery Brioche”

This past weekend I ventured again into bread baking with brioche in my sights. I went in for the kill and brought home a winner.

For those of you who have a massive black hole in your life and have not had brioche before, it’s a light, buttery, delicious, sweet bread. Seek the out the brioche. You will not be disappointed.

As far as bread-making go, this recipe was way easy. Dangerously easy. You basically throw the ingredients in the work bowl of a stand mixer, get things combined, then slowly add the 2 3/4 sticks of butter until incorporated. Then practically burn out your mixer’s motor while you wait for the dough to magically come together.


Above, we are a few minutes into the 15-minute kneading. The dough has not come together yet, but it magically will in a few minutes. See how it’s on the shaggy side and there’s lots of dough on the sides of the bowl? After 7 or so minutes (times may vary), the dough came together and the sides of the bowl were clean.

After an overnight date in the fridge, the dough was ready to proof in the loaf pan for a few hours. Since it’s winter and we keep the thermostat at 68*, I heated my oven to the lowest setting (175*) and then kept the door open until things had cooled down a bit. I parked the loaf in the warmer-than-room-temperature oven so it could rise in a more timely fashion.


Once it had risen above the top of the loaf pan, I topped it with a beaten egg and popped it in the oven. About 30 minutes later, heaven in a loaf.


Ok now stop staring at that scrumptious bread and make yourself a loaf. You won’t be disappointed.

(recipe found at Pass The Sushi)


4 thoughts on “Wake Up and Smell the Brioche

  1. oh my gosh!! That is so professional looking. Mine often come out funny looking (and sometimes tasty). I don’t have has much patience as you, I wonder if it would be faster in a bread machine.

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