Meal Plan :: Catching Up

I like seeing what other people are eating for dinner, so I’m going to continue to post {hopefully regularly} what we’re eating here at Kesler*Expressler.

Last week:

  • Homemade Pepperoni & Banana Pepper {only on Matt’s half} Pizza
  • Taco Night
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu {from Skinny Taste} & Twice Baked Potatoes {PW} {straight from the freezer to the oven, dinner in 45 minutes}

This Week:

  • Sausage, Peppers, & Onions with Wild Rice
  • Eggplant Parmesan {Skinny Taste}
  • Burrito Bowls :: Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken {Skinny Taste}
  • Pasta Bolognese {from the freezer}
  • Baked Rigatoni with Spinach

What’s cookin’ at your casa?


3 thoughts on “Meal Plan :: Catching Up

  1. Wow! We made Chicken Cordon Bleu last week too! Weird. It’s like we’re connected or something…

    We did the Cooks Illustrated Recipe, which is obviously the full fat version. It turned out splendidly. Even Adi cleaned her plate!

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