Smokin’ Bagels

You may ask ::

Why, Leigh? Why would bagels be “smokin”?

The answer is simple. My KitchenAid mixer CAN’T HANDLE the bagel dough. Yep. Kneading bagel dough brought my mixer to it’s knees. After a few minutes, Matt asked me what was burning and a few minutes later smoke was rising from the back of the mixer.

Needless to say I finished the kneading job by hand. Which, by the way, is a TOTAL workout! I was about to break a sweat after only a few minutes.


I made the bagel dough on Sunday and boiled and baked them on Monday. I used Annie’s Eats recipe. Aside from the smoking issue, this dough was not difficult to make. It amazes me how *un*complicated a lot of bread recipes are. Especially with mixers to do the kneading for you, breads are not really a huge deal. And ohhhh how delicious.


I topped mine with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and coarse salt. I was going for an “everything” type bagel but had an impossible time finding a reasonable sized container of minced dehydrated onions. Everything I found was restaurant sized and I’m pretty positive that I don’t need an 8-inch tall container of minced dehydrated onions. Then I got a small container of minced dehydrated garlic — perfect! Except, not so perfect since it was a grinder and  was unsuccessful in removing the grinder top. So they’re not quite everything bagels.


But they are so delicious that maybe I can justify getting the HUGE container of minced onions for next time. Because oh yes. There definitely WILL be a next time.



4 thoughts on “Smokin’ Bagels

  1. Bagels huh? I never thought it was something that could be made (decently) in a home kitchen. I’ll add it to my list to try. Hope your mixer is ok now.

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