Quickie: Doorbell Replacement

Our doorbell has been in a sorry state for quite awhile. It’s amazing that we haven’t electrocuted any small children on Halloween or the pizza delivery guy.

So this weekend we stopped by Lowes to get more air filters and I remembered the sorry state of our doorbell and decided it was time to take care of matters. So we grabbed a new doorbell {to the tune of $14} in a nice brass that would match the existing door hardware.


The process was fairly painless, but we spent about 30-45 minutes trying to figure out how to turn off the breaker that controlled the doorbell. Apparently in our house, the doorbell is not on a breaker. I have no clue why this is, but we couldn’t find any breaker that turned off the doorbell.

Matt proceeded with caution and removed the old doorbell and screwed in the new one.


Now we can order pizza without worrying about a lawsuit from the delivery guy.

Have you ever replaced a doorbell?

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