Tea on Tuesday with Grey Umbrella


Christi over at Grey Umbrella has been hosting Tea on Tuesday for a few weeks now and I thought I’d join in!


I’ve been introducing some of the ladies at work {hi Sarah!} to the glory that is Pinterest. I posted some of my recent favorites on Friday and I’ve been steadily pinning and re-pinning since. I’ve started  pinning some fabric inspiration for the baby quilt that I’m planning on making for our friends who are expecting their first baby this summer.

I’m thinking blue, orange, and aqua, unless they have a color scheme in mind for their nursery. This adorable nursery is my inspiration {for the time being}:

Source: roomzaar.com via Leigh on Pinterest


Matt and I had a great bottle of wine last night. 2008 Louis Latour Pinot Noir. It was the perfect way to celebrate another successful year on the job for Matt. He just had his 4 year anniversary.

We’re also thrilled that our new four poster bed is being delivered on Friday! I was hoping that we would get a chance to paint before it was delivered, but I’m so glad that it’s going to be here and we don’t have to wait another week. I’m sure it was also light a fire under our behinds to get in gear and add a new dresser and chest of drawers to the room.

You should visit Christi over at Grey Umbrella and link up!


4 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday with Grey Umbrella

  1. ooh, I love that color combo for a baby blanket. Would be great even if you don’t know the gender. I’m about to make my umpteenth baby blanket, might need to steal this idea. Can’t wait to see the bed.

  2. You’re getting a four poster bed?? I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to see it… please post a pic of it when it comes!!! 🙂

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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