Thursday Musings

Happy Thursday, all!

I’ve been working on a few updates to the laundry room and hope to have it {mostly} back together this weekend. I’m thinking of this as stage 1 of the laundry room makeover, as I’d eventually like to paint and install beadboard but I have neither the time nor patience for that right now.

Dusty over at All Things G&D posted her Things Loved In January and listed a steam mop. Now I’m reading the Amazon reviews for it and seriously considering a purchase. Our whole first floor is wood and I loathe mopping. I also feel like just the fact that I’m spending this much thought on a steam mop clearly indicates how much of a loser I am. When did I become a grown up?

The Pioneer Woman’s new book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, came out this week. My mother-in-law pre-ordered it for me as one of my Christmas gifts and it arrived yesterday! The book is so pretty. The cover {not the dust jacket} is beautiful:


Last but not least, here are my two cute cats snuggling on the sofa in my office. A rare occurrence as Alton {gray tabby} usually leaves in protest whenever Savannah {orange tabby} tries to cuddle.


5 thoughts on “Thursday Musings

  1. I’ve looked into the steam mop too! Don’t feel bad. But then we read some research that steam is actually harmful to hardwords. It has something to do with the heat.

  2. I’m a little over halfway through the book. She started the book off on her blog so a lot of it is more in a blog-style of writing. There are shorter sections within each chapter and you can tell where the blog posts ended. I wish they would have edited it a bit more to make it read a little smoother; there is a lot of repeating, which makes sense in the blog world but not the book world. That said, it’s a good read.

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