Master Bedroom :: During

The master bedroom is still in progress, but here’s an update now that we have the room painted and our four poster bed. Check out the before here.

Let’s start with the paint. Originally we were going to use Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage, but we ended up going with RH’s Slate. We love it. It changes with the light and is pretty tough to photograph. It can look more on the brown side in some light, but it’s really a nice, moody, gray. The white baseboards and window moldings really pop now. We’re contemplating adding crown molding for even more pop.


We also mixed things up with the layout in the room. Here’s a floor plan of the before:

And the current layout:

The room feels much larger now that my dresser is acting as the TV stand. Our previous TV stand was too short given the new height of the bed. Speaking of the bed, here she is {pardon the mix of photos of before and after painting. Also click on any image for the full size image}:
The headboard:

Turned legs:


Unfortunately I can’t get the whole bed in the frame. I need a wide angle lens!

So what else are we going to do in here? Well, we headed back to Green Front Furniture in Farmville, VA over the weekend and purchased two nightstands, a chest of drawers, and dresser! The chest of drawers should be here in the next 2-3 weeks and the rest should be here in 4-6 weeks. The manufacturer is Fine Furniture Design. They’re a cherry finish, but we’re pretty confident that it will go nicely with the mahogany finish on our bed.


I also really want a sofa for the foot of the bed with either a large upholstered/slipcovered ottoman or a pair of two smaller ottomans. We actually found a sofa that we really like at Green Front, but that will have to wait until we can save up for it.

We also need a full length mirror. Would you believe that we don’t have one in the house and the only way to see your entire outfit is to stand on a chair in front of one of the bathroom mirrors? It’s bad. Also on the list is artwork for the walls. Right now we’re thinking about architecture prints/renderings.

So who knows when our master bedroom really will be finished. Some things {like the curtains} might take awhile, where other items {like some artwork} can be done sooner rather than later.


5 thoughts on “Master Bedroom :: During

  1. Wow so fancy and grown up! And I love the color, it is great! We are starting the decorating process in our house. I’ll have to check out that place in Farmville, it is a bit of drive though. Why do you like it so much? Style or price?

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